Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Argument on Homosexuality (Part 2)

Roughly a year ago, I posted "Homosexuality" in which I used the prisoner example to prove that homosexuality was a choice rather than something inert or...hard-wired into said human beings. I've gotten a lot of feedback since then, none of which (unfortunately) targeted the topic at hand, only the manner in which it was portrayed.

The feedback I got has shed a lot of light on the nature of what it is I'm arguing against, in the sense that it has directed my attention to where it was that I should have begun discussing the issue; childhood.
People who argue for (as opposed to against) homosexuality, argue that homosexuality is natural inescapable for Tommy since its signs started appearing at a very early age with him ("As a child, Tommy was always trying to touch Mark in a peculiar way").

At which point my question would be, since when are children's actions ever taken seriously? They're children and they do not know any better.

Say your child was always out in the yard trapping little turtles and laying them on their backs so that he could watch them squabble around and laugh at it, does that make him a natural sadist? Are these the signs of homicidal tendencies? It's just impossible for you to adhere to that, else we wouldn't have locked up murderers because "Ted Bundy has been like that since he was a little toddler, it's his nature he can't help it!". But no, you would'nt do that, because you've already accepted the fact that killing is wrong and that murderers belong in prison. The child simply does not know right from wrong and has to be directed in a certain manner, enabling him to differentiate between the two. And so you sit him down and explain to him that killing is wrong because of so and so, and that he should cease immediately.

If it weren't for a deeply-expressed acceptance of homosexuality (be it in men or women), you would not have been so permissive of it with your child, you would have sat them down and explained to them what it meant and why it is that they should abandon it and shut it off (just as with murder).
But you accept it, and you don't mind it, and that's perfectly fine with me. Just don't try to pass it off as something that couldn't be stopped or redirected correctly, because it surely cannot be helped to have it appear in the actions of a child; HE'S A CHILD! He will act in all sorts of ways, he's still experimenting and learning at that age, so why would homosexuality be the deterministic part of his actions?

If he is old enough (at an age that is less than 10) to decide how his sexual orientation is going to turn out, do not punish him the next time he throws rocks at the neighbor's house or talks back to his mother.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why you can't shut up

A lot of, if not all of what we do and say everyday is a mirror of our spiritual well-being and psychological health. Building on this and on the fact that I've been finding a lot of difficulty in following the golden advice of staying silent, I've concluded that the need for answers drives each and every one of us. Be it answers pertaining to our individuality or even our very existence.
This need, and unless completely satisfied, will drive man tirelessly forward. This drive, in its first and most primitive phases can be seen when he is very talkative, hoping that in talking to other people he will be able to derive some answers, or in making himself clearer to others (through endless explanations and elaborations), he will clear up for himself what was doubtful or unclear before.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Homosexuality (Draft 2)

This is another draft from my old journal. In this draft I talk about homosexuality, I take an example from everyday life to try and disprove the notion of homosexuality being an inert and unavoidable nature in some.

First of all, I would like to mention that if any of the readers believe in God, the following theory will be applicable. And if not, it should not bear any meaning and the people I am targeting here can overlook this article completely and go about their lives normally (for lack of a better expression).

N.B: What i add between asterisks ( * ), is edited or was by me as I was copying from the journal.

"The biggest example I could think of to disprove the existence of this phenomena as something that is inert and inevitable, is prisoners' sexual activity.
In prison, men and women alike turn to the same sex in order to get what they usually would from the opposite sex. This would mean that most all of them were born homosexual. But this is untrue of course, because the men and women turned somewhere else for lack of availability of the first choice *men for the women and women for the men* and for the sake of the need itself.

***I might be faced with "what if they were indeed all homosexuals?", and I would retort with the fact that all prisons that allow -"I think cordial is the word"- visits, do not suffer from an excessive amount of this behavior in their prisons. "And what about the few left who still are acting like this in the cordial-visits-allowing prisons?". Well, we cannot forget that the mentality a person will adopt once they realize and confront the fact that they are surrounded by a large group of condemned prisoners. The social code they used to live by (yes they did live by a social code -meaning that they did not refrain from killing because they believed it was wrong to take another human being's life, but because everyone around them was keeping their hands to themselves and ergo felt the need to conform-) has been completely abandoned now.
They are free to do whatever they choose (which is actually another way of conforming to what is around them (this occurs with persons who have no solid ground of ideal to stand by)), because none of the people around them are any better, and most are probably worse (this is what might be going on in their heads when confronting the aforementioned note).
Each of us are born completely free of any man-made ideals (Homosexuality was first practiced with the prophet Lut and his people). We are the epitome of freedom. There is nothing that we cannot achieve, and we have everything to miss. We have the power to harness the most destructive forces on our planet, and the power to live to our utmost potential and live the better humanity.
The above is not poetry, but it is to show that we are absolutely free and that we are born with endless potential towards both good and evil. Some are born with more good than evil, and some are born with more evil than good. Take note that it is only by believing in the existence of God that you are bound to see logic in its prohibition and see this as one of the main factors by example. Else, you are free to pass right over it and continue with your ways.***"